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Need To Know Divorce Issues

If I have been ordered by the court to pay child support to my ex-spouse and I become terminated from my job, does my child support stop automatically?

No. It is your duty to request that the court adjust your child support by modifying, reducing, or temporarily ending the child support payments until you have gotten a new job. Don’t just stop payments without taking further action first. For more information, contact a family law attorney in your area today.



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Washington Divorce Laws

Washington Legal Overview
To qualify for a divorce filing in Washington, you must have been a resident of the state for a minimum of 90 days. Military members living in Washington due to a stationary assignment also must meet the residency requirement. To clarify, they must have been stationed in Washington for the 90 days before filing for a divorce. On the other hand, military law may also apply to their current situation, which makes hiring a lawyer an ideal decision during any divorce, but especially any time one of the partners in the marriage is in the military.

Washington Grounds for Divorce
In situations regarding irreconcilable differences as grounds for divorce, the state of Washington allows no-fault divorces. This is the only grounds for divorce in the state of Washington.

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Child Custody
After filing for divorce, a child custody filing should made within 30 days and service by either spouse of a notice for trial or six months after commencement of the action. Child custody in Washington, in addition to what is in the child’s best interest, is also best on a child’s preference on which parent he or she would prefer to live with. These preferences are used as a strong determination by state courts when making a child custody decision so long as the child is old enough. Additionally, joint child custody is often awarded automatically in no-fault divorces, unless both parents have come to a mutual agreement regarding one parent having full custody.

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Child Support in Washington
According to Washington state law, both parents have a responsibility to support their child(ren) until the child is no longer a minor. Child support payments in Washington are based on an income shares model. Any needed child support payments will be calculated based on each parent’s earnings and a variety of other factors as well.

Alimony in Washington
Not all divorces in Washington lead to alimony; alimony is awarded on a case-by-case basis after a variety of factors are reviewed by the courts.